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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

"Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right to feel refreshed."

Proteam Swimmingpools Heat Pump Catalogue 2013.pdf (7.6 MB)     

PROTEAM Europa was started as Klimateknik in 1972 in Norway by Siv. Ing. Harald Einevoll. For many years PROTEAM has been developing and producing high quality heat pumps. This is why heat pumps have become one of the best low-cost options to produce "Green Energy".

As energy costs continue to rise, governments in many countries across the globe are committing to reduce energy usage. As a result, systems that are able to reduce energy usage and consumption are becoming more and more important. Heat pumps represent a highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly technology as most of the energy required to generate heat is taken from the freely available surrounding air, a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy.

This is why heat pumps have become one of the best low-cost options to produce "Green Energy".


1. Proteam heat pumps are specifically designed for the climate in which they will be used, ensuring maximum energy gain at low air temperatures (higher COP at lower air temperatures, when maximum energy is needed)

2. Higher COP - Higher energy gain - Less energy costs. Proteam Heat Pumps have oversized Evaporators, Double Titanium A1 Coil Heat Exchangers, Pre-charged Defrosting System;

3. Practical functions. Backwash function for sand filter; bottom-pan heating to prevent ice-formation around base of unit, waterproof display and control panel.

4. Value: best prices on the market for the performance and quality you get: Proteam has many years of experience in efficient production, long-lasting relationships with suppliers of quality components and low-cost distribution system.


Performance - COP

  • Evaporator: size; number of fins; expansion system. Output for P-models = +15%

  • Heat exchanger: double-flow heat exchanger for increased volume. Output = +15%

  • Defrosting system: Pre-charged defrosting system. Output = +11%

  • Quality Control - QC

  • Components: Components selected based on long-term usage. Pre-testing of components. Random "extreme" testing of components

  • Quality Control - Norwegian QC System: Special QC 12-point test system & 5-point QC control.Every 50 units undergo "extreme" testing

  • Manufacturing standards: 5S / ISO / 6Sigma. Every 50 units are performance tested

  • P-Model, Table 4
    Heat pumps

    P-Model, Table 5
    Heat pumps

    PC-Model, Table 6
    Heat pumps

    C-Model, Table 7
    Heat pumps

    G-Model, Table 8
    Heat pumps

    P-Model, Table 9
    Heat pumps

    Output, Table 10
    Heat pumps